The Argentine

by The Argentine



released September 6, 2011

Michael Cades: Guitar, Piano, Banjo, Vocal
Tim Graves: Guitar
Gary Guarinello: Drums
Tara Haggerty: Bass
Philip Panos: Piano, Guitar, Vocal

Horns arranged by Brendan Cooney
Patrick Hughes: Trumpet
Steve Duffy: Trombone
David Fishkin: Tenor Sax and Alto Sax
All Artwork by Rene Martinez

Samples on 'Poem' courtesy of Marcus Horndt and ERH from 'thefreesoundproject' (

Produced by The Argentine and Bill Moriarty
Recorded and Mixed by Bill Moriarty
Mastered by Ryan Schwabe

Special thanks to Adam Witten, Laura Walsh, Caryn Lazzuri, Brad Gartrell, Brendan Cooney, Rene Martinez and Tim Appel

All rights reserved The Argentine 2011



all rights reserved


The Argentine Brooklyn, New York

The Argentine is a five piece band from Brooklyn, NY. The debut record was recorded and produced by Bill Moriarty (Dr. Dog, Man Man) and is intended to be listened to as an album. While you can hear individual tracks on this page, we encourage you to listen to it as a whole.
The Argentine
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Track Name: Blue Skin
Daylight breaks loudly and violent and terrible
The MP's throw rocks at my window
And laugh to themselves on the lonely street

And I never thought it would come to this
We were in love it was beautiful
You in the park in your summer dress
Ah to throw it away

Sometimes I get the nerve up and cross the street
Take out the trash and get groceries
Run back as fast as I possibly can

And whoever thought it could come to this
You were my friend and you sang to me
We'd stick our toes in the riverbed
Ah to throw it away

Now I grow old in my bathrobe and bedclothes
Taking whatever ill comes to me
Jump every time that the phone rings
And hindsight is totally relative
And maybe I've always been miserable
How for a moment I held my breath
Ah to throw it away
Track Name: Red Flesh Dogs
I'm a man of blood and guts and means in harder times
An easy life will drag you to your knees that's right
Brutal men go drifting through the day
Self assured and forthright
And few would ever pause to think or say
You're no good and why should I

You concede the man that I've become
Far too kind and charitable
Hateful wastes of sperm and eggs and breath
Would make you crawl

All the way to Birmingham
You had me smiling like an idiot
You're the one to blame for the happiness
I drag around all the time

I can't listen to music anymore
Without contempt or jealousy
Where sadness used to sing in through the seems
All that's left is words and rhyme

All the way to Fayetteville
How I wept with joy and sweet relief
What a thing to say
You don't have to feel so alone all the time

Every day begins and ends the same
You're no good
Track Name: A Miner Maybe
A miner in a desperate race
For fame and gold capitulates
And settles for the shelter of a cave
But it rained for days and its been said
We've sold our souls for common sense
And recompense is surely on the way

I'm gonna make it mine
A matter of fact well so
I'm gonna make it mine
The deafening black well so

A fond farewell to a faithful heart
That couldn't stand to bear the thought
Of looking out through tired eyes with grace
But I believe the saddest song
I'll ever sing under the sun
Is waiting in the shelter of a cave

I'm gonna make it mine
A matter of fact well so
I'm gonna make it mine
The deafening black
Well so what?
Track Name: Northern Song
Bones underground they go rumbling around
Singing a northern tune
In the hills far away
wolves are howling your name
By the house that you built in your youth
It's true there were ghosts on the horizon

Don't be afraid its the shadows at play
There are so many sunrises
Don't be afraid it's a lifetime away
The are bones in the hillsides

Grey solemn skies ever watchful and wise
Groaning as old people do
Silhouttes still at play growing longer each day
It's as though no one told them the truth

Adieu see the ships on the shoreline

Why must I feel so afraid
It gets worse every day
There are so many sunrises
Always afraid how I tremble and shake
there are bones in the hillside
Ghosts on the shoreline
Track Name: Elegy
Asleep on the wings of an owl flying east
My bones on the rocks far below

Your cruelty awake
In my blood in my veins
My lips sing a northern tune

Relieved of the weight of worldly restraint
I am crawling back to you

Asleep in a boat
Out at sea all alone
Beyond lay the stars and you